Thursday, 21 February 2019

Master is old chapter 6

Well, she is called 灵女 which can translate to spirit girl or fairy girl... I know it's weird to call someone from the demon realm a fairy but oh well.

Chapter 6
That brat still did not leave. Someone who could endure this wind and snow yet not fall sick was probably not an ordinary mortal. It was likely that my powers had regressed too much and I could not detect his cultivation.

After pondering about it, I decided that I probably could not defeat him so I no longer continued to chase him away, in case we actually fought and I lost badly. Even though I could not guess his intention for remaining on the mountain, I left it be. Either way, a fox would eventually show its tail.
“Fish soup.” A bowl of fragrant fish soup was delivered in front of me, I licked my lips and was not polite, immediately digging in.
Liu Yue very naturally sat beside me, cocking his head to the side to properly observe me. I glance at him from the corner of my eye and suddenly felt that the soup in my mouth was a bit hard to swallow. “What are you staring at me so much for? Can you stare till flowers bloom on me?”
I was originally mocking him but did not expect him to be the most shameless person I’ve ever met. He nodded his head, “Yes. To me, you are the flowers on the mountain, the moon amidst the clouds…”
I shivered. At this age, I was unable to listen to those sweet words used to coax little girls. Shaking away my goosebumps, I drank up all the fish soup and ordered, “Wash the dishes.”

He calmly accepted the order and before leaving the house, asked, “The weather is good today, do you want to take a walk in the afternoon?”

It was really like he was serving the elderly...
”Never mind, I’m a bit tired. I’ll take a nap in the afternoon.

He frowned, seemingly worried. But he did not worry for long because he suddenly looked into the distance, eyes instantly becoming cold.
I didn’t understand why his expression turned so chilly but in the next moment, I sensed the demonic energy spreading from the foot of the mountain. Before long, a wind suddenly gushed into my house, bringing along a piercing demonic energy. A black robed girl appeared in the courtyard. She glanced at the person beside me before resting her eyes on me. After looking me up and down and thoroughly sizing me up, for some reason she became angry, wordlessly lashing her whip towards me.
The whip came down fiercely but before I even made a move, the person beside me had already reached out to stop the whip in mid-air.
Upon seeing this, the girl’s eyes turned cold, her expression stern, “You left in the middle of my wedding, travelling such a long distance, just for her? You’re even protecting her now?”
I raised an eyebrow. Her words seem to contain many stories! I suddenly felt like bringing a stool to sit by the side, watching a good show while cracking melon seeds...
With a shake of his hand and a burst of energy, Liu Yue directly sent the girl 10 meters back. 

“This is not a place you should enter, go back.”  

The young girl gritted her teeth, angrily shouting, “Nobody has ever dared to speak to me like this!”

Wow, such domineering words! I looked the young girl up and down and when I spotted the phoenix embroidery on her cuffs, could faintly guess her identity. Hmmm, it was not wrong for her to speak like this.
Ever since their Demon King entered the demonic abyss and never came back up, the demon race had not appointed any other king. The one leading them every generation was actually their Fairy Maiden reincarnate. Even though she was called their Fairy Maiden, after much development over the years, she has already become a queen-like existence, having phoenixes embroidered on her sleeves and wearing the spirit phoenix hairpin.
** Fairy Maiden reincarnate because the chosen successor is found after the previous one dies and is believed to be her reincarnation. Based on Buddhism eg how Dalai Lama’s successors are chosen.
Looks like the girl in front of me was the demon realm’s newly appointed Fairy Maiden.
I have long secluded myself from the world - it was expected that I’ve never seen her and, that she has never seen me, was also expected.
After thinking about all this, I turned to look at the person in front of me and could not help but become immersed in my thoughts again.
This Liu Yue, to be able to marry the Fairy Maiden reincarnate definitely should not be of low status, he had to be at least a first ranked prince. Then for what senseless reason did he come to Misty Mountain to pester an old woman like me?
The name Liu Yue suddenly sounded familiar.
“Leave this place.” Liu Yue ignored what the Fairy Maiden said, his countenance remaining cold. It was as if the him that was with me before was a completely different person. “Don’t let me repeat this a second time.”
“Between you and I, it was just a marriage of convenience, nothing to do with you and I liking each other. You having someone you are pursuing has, even more so, nothing to do with me. But you should not have abandoned me just before the wedding, and should not have spoken to me like this today.” the Fairy Maiden glared at Liu Yue, her eyes carrying killing intent, as she spoke through gritted teeth, “There has never been anyone who humiliated me like this.”
“Now there is.” Liu Yue indifferently said.
The air seemed to stagnate momentarily. I turned from the side to look at him while he lowered his gaze to look at me. The moment his pupils contained my reflection, his eyes became gentler. But who cares why his eyes became more gentle, what I needed to say to him still needed to be said:

“Do you not know that a cheap mouth can cause people to die?”

Liu Yue smiled, “I know.”
When he said this, the Fairy Maiden’s demonic aura exploded, instantly breaking my courtyard’s hundred years of peace.
The pear blossom tree got pulled out by its roots, the soil and stones on the ground thrown up by a formless energy. I was protected by Liu Yue, not receiving any injuries.

However, when my eyes swept over the pear blossom tree at the corner of the wall, I involuntarily stiffened up.

Qinghan’s pear blossom wine was still below!
In no time, the soil covering the pear blossom wine was already blown away. My heart and body moved instantly, before anyone had a chance to react, I was already before the old wine jug, protecting it. The Fairy Maiden’s spell hit me and for a moment, I thought I heard the sound of the flesh on my back tearing.
Even if I used this method to protect the wine jug, the opening of the jug was still split open by the explosion and the fragrance of the wine which had been kept for countless years wafted into my nose.
My heart moved and those bright and cheerful images of a hundred years ago flashed in my mind, piercing my heart, causing it to feel sour and pain as well as something I had not felt for many years - immense anger.
Divine energy billowed out, suppressing the Fairy Maiden’s demonic energy, causing her to freeze. “Wha...”
I turned around, staring piercingly at the Fairy Maiden, “Knowing that you juniors don’t understand things, I have always been tolerant…” My divine sword had been stolen by Qinghan, vanishing along with him in the demonic abyss. Yet even without the sword and my body declining, it did not mean I was a useless person. “But, who permitted you to be so impudent on Misty Mountain?” 
The Fairy Maiden narrowed her eyes, seemingly very dissatisfied at my words while Liu Yue raised his eyebrows, reaching out his hands in an attempt to block me. But before he could take a step, I had already condensed Misty Mountain’s divine energy into a formless sword and before the two had time to react, pressed the sword on the Fairy Maiden’s neck.
It was only when the sword faintly pierced her skin did she finally react, spinning her body to dodge. Without giving her time to rest, I moved the sword again, this time to take her heart.
Barely saving her life, the Fairy Maiden repeatedly took steps back. In the end, no longer able to avoid, she cast a spell in hide her body. Still sensing her aura, I knew that she was here, I stabbed the sword into the ground, coldly speaking, “When I was fighting with your demon race’s saintly ancestor the previous queen, who knew where you were. Just a measly junior, how dare you behave so presumptuously towards this old woman? Looking for death!”
After saying this, I cause the divine energy in the courtyard to shake violently, that even Liu Yue had to take a step back.
Afterwards, the courtyard no longer had the Fairy maiden’s aura. She must have been scared away by my act.
The courtyard resumed its peace and I could no longer control the surrounding divine energy, allowing them to disperse.
“Ha, I’m still a treasured sword that does not age*,” I smiled self-deprecatingly. Just when I said this, blood surged up my throat and unable to suppress it, I coughed up a mouthful of blood. Wiping the corners of my mouth, I looked at the scarlet at the back of my hands. It was as if I had just stepped on a bug, I felt nothing at all.
**Meaning old but still having energy

That’s right, towards this body, and even my life, I felt numbness. After all, in this life, there was no longer anything or anyone I cared an ounce for anymore.
My sight became hazy and I felt the world spinning. Someone supported my shoulders, preventing me from falling down.
I didn’t thank him because at this moment, all I was thinking about was just: “Help me to seal that jug of wine under the tree properly,” I said, “That was the only thing Qinghan left behind.... there is nothing else…”
It was the last piece of evidence... that he once existed in my life...
Without hearing the response of the other party, my eyes refused to listen and closed up, leaving me completely unaware of my surroundings.