Sunday, 10 March 2019

Zhao Yao novel and drama comparison 2

Update: I realised that someone is translating the novel, rejoice! So I won't be translating the whole novel, I would be translating parts of the novel that I like and are related to what I'm posting, so not all the cute scenes are covered haha. In some snippets, I skipped paragraphs and it would be stated. I would also like to apologise if the quality of this post is not as good (full of grammatical/ spelling errors) as the first part because I am rushing this out literally right before I go overseas. I will come back and review this post and my translations later on.


Also, I have not listed ALL the differences eg in the previous post. Like when Moqing saved Zhaoyao from Jiang Wu, it actually started raining, so when we learn that he was injured and the rain made it worse, I felt sad. It was also right after saving her that Zhaoyao does the 'my heart hurts' dialogue which happens in a different scene from the novel. The way Zhaoyao seals up Luo Mingxuan is also different.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Zhaoyao OST translations + interpretation

The song is Zhao Yao by Chen Chusheng and Hu Shasha.
Zhao Yao, the drama's chinese title, also means ostentatious but in this context I believe the song stands for the main character's name.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Master is old chapter 8 + epilogue (END)

This is the end! I'm not sure if I'll pick up the other stories so feel free to requests other translators to translate the other stories in this compilation. Thank you for all your support!

Friday, 1 March 2019

Master is old chapter 7

One more chapter before everything ends! Also if it's not clear, Qinghan switched bodies with the Demon King and not his father Prince Li.

Chapter 7
In the darkness, I dreamt about many past events, and they were all about Qinghan. Actually, if I could keep meeting him, even if I was stuck in dreaming for eternity, I did not mind.

Dreaming and dreaming of the past, they somehow seemed to actually become real. I actually felt someone hold my hand and hoarsely call out beside me, “Master.” It was so regretful, so uneasy, and so upset.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Zhao Yao drama review + differences between the novel and drama

Nobody requested this in the end but I had free time waiting for the next few episodes haha. It's my first time doing such a post so please give me tips on how to improve and tell me if you like it! Update: You can find part 2 on the blog!

Image result for 招摇

I am enjoying this drama although some parts (like the righteous sects talking) seem slow paced compared to the novel. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the main cast and the CG is not bad for a mid-budget Chinese production. The action scenes were quite lacklustre to me though, and they seem to cover it up by using lots of explosions.
I would say the first 3-4 episodes were quite slow and I didn't want to continue watching, until I saw all the Instagram and YouTube clips. I continued watching and was so glad I did! 

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Master is old chapter 6

Well, she is called 灵女 which can translate to spirit girl or fairy girl... I know it's weird to call someone from the demon realm a fairy but oh well.

Chapter 6
That brat still did not leave. Someone who could endure this wind and snow yet not fall sick was probably not an ordinary mortal. It was likely that my powers had regressed too much and I could not detect his cultivation.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Master is old chapter 5.2

This is part 2, I actually think this is about the length of a normal chapter if not a bit more. 

Chapter 5.2
I expanded a great amount of energy to break his formation but was left without the energy to go against him. He trapped me with a spell, causing me to be stuck above the lake as I helplessly watched him take my Lishui sword from my hands right in front of me.
**It was winter to I’m guessing above the lake means on the hardened ice.

My lips trembled and I was angered beyond measure.