Friday, 15 February 2019

Master is old chapter 5.2

This is part 2, I actually think this is about the length of a normal chapter if not a bit more. 

Chapter 5.2
I expanded a great amount of energy to break his formation but was left without the energy to go against him. He trapped me with a spell, causing me to be stuck above the lake as I helplessly watched him take my Lishui sword from my hands right in front of me.
**It was winter to I’m guessing above the lake means on the hardened ice.

My lips trembled and I was angered beyond measure.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Recommended novel: Zhao Yao

I think this is easily my all time favourite novel that I still go back to even after so many years and novels. I think I've read this novel at least 4 to 6 times lol. There's comedy, a little action and revenge plus such a touching romance, what more could I ask for! Warning, spoilers may be contained in this review!

Also do you guys want a novel vs drama comparison? Pls comment below to let me know, if many of you want it I'll give it a try! If not I may or may not do it since blogging/translating is this ist just a side hobby.

Master is old 5.1

Hello! I'm busy due to Chinese New Year and chapter 5 is longer than usual so I decided to split it into 2 parts. Unfortunately it is not split evenly because I could not really find an appropriate point to split it. Part 1 is short and part 2 longer.

Chapter 5.1
I had never forgotten that when Qinghan first became my disciple, he had enemies - someone had been chasing to kill him all the way to Misty Mountain. However, I never asked about it or tried to find out more.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Master is old chapter 4

As I was lying on the bed, my thoughts started drifting. On matters such as romance, I was not as innocent as I said I was; I also had some secrets that I did not tell anyone.
About a hundred years ago, Qinghan gradually grew up and that stunning face of his that would put the men of the three worlds to shame would dazzle me every day. It was inevitable that my heart which had been dry and dull for so many thousands of years to have some ripples.

At that time, I had only experienced the ruthless battlefield and was a female war god that was inexperienced in matters of love. I was too pure. So innocent that I didn’t even know that I was starting to think of Qinghan differently…

Friday, 25 January 2019

Master is old chapter 3

Chapter 3! I was just wondering if you guys are enjoying this story because I saw that the its ratings are really bad on novelupdates haha. I don't think this story is fantastic but I do think it's a short and cute story nonetheless and wanted to share it with everyone. I'm not sure, is it the story itself or my translations? Anyway, for those of you who do like it, enjoy~

Chapter 3

I stopped accepting disciples, even if this youth had a face more attractive than the Qinghan I first met.

Thinking about the past made me lose my appetite.

The person opposite me carefully observed my expression and asked with concern, “What’s the matter?”

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Master is old Chapter 2

I finished translating faster than expected so here you go! But I think the rest of the chapters will still stick to a weekly schedule. Also, please point out any mistakes, thanks!

Chapter 2
Actually, about a hundred years ago, I also once had a disciple. But that disciple died...
He stole my divine sword, rebelled against me, went to settle his personal grudges and then he...

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Master is old prologue and chapter 1

Hello! I'm back after more than 2 years! I'm busy refining my past translations (which made me cringe) and organising my posts.

This story is from a novel by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang called the Master series and published under the name Master feels stifled, the name of the first story. It is a collection of 4 short xianxia stories about Master-disciple relationships. This is the 3rd story in the collection, Master is old. There are 8 chapters and it will be a weekly release (or more) so it should take 2 months or less to be completed. After I'm done I will pick another Jiu Lu Fei Xiang story to translate cuz I love her xianxia novels.

Story 1: Master feels stifled
Story 2: Master is sick
Story 3: Master is old
Story 4: Master, let's fight

3 worlds refer to the heavenly realm, the human realm and the demon realm.
I was the last ancient immortal, hailed as the female War God. After fighting for half my life, when the 3 worlds were at peace, I lost my job. I've already forgotten how long I’ve lived. I’ve seen the happiness of youth, the destitution of the poor, cycle after cycle of life, over and over again. The more time passed, the less I yearned for the things of the world.
I think, the day I die is not too far off.
But the heavens would not let me quietly leave and insisted on throwing a new episode in my life when I was quickly approaching the grave. It was even the colour of spring...

The kind that all 3 worlds knew about….
The kind that...
made me unable to save my old face.