Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Chu Wang Fei Mini Snippet

This is a snippet within a snippet muahahaha. Really busy IRL now, can't translated the 1 snippet per month but I will come back in 2-3 months with all the untranslated snippets/ chapters. This snippet is the one some of you requested where Chu Fei Yang sneaks into Yun Qian Meng's room.

Ps, still cannot reply comments using my phone because replies will double :(

Anyway, presenting you the unedited snippet within a snippet hahaha. Enjoy :>


Yun Qian Meng had nothing to do and her hands felt rather itchy, thus she allowed Mu Chun to prepare some brocade so that she could learn to embroider from Mi Mo Mo.  It was just that the embroidery needle refused to listen to her, after more than half a day, others would have completed a peony blossom while she had barely managed to finish a rather crooked four leaf clover, some of its parts were densely stitched together while other parts were had sparse stitchings, honestly it was rather ugly!


Her neck was starting to get sore and she lifted her head up, only to find that it was already dark, thus she allowed Mu Chun and the other servants to go back and rest. After that, she once again engaged in a battle with the embroidery needle.


“What is this? Why does it look so peculiar?” A black shadow suddenly blocked off the candle light in front of Yun Qian Meng’s eyes.


Hearing this, Yun Qian Meng lifted her head up only to find Chu Fei Yang in a black brocade robe, bending down to examine her embroidery with curiosity. She immediately felt extremely embarrassed, without even thinking, she adeptly covered the four leaf clover, refusing to let Chu Fei Yang see her terrible handiwork!


“Aiya…”  She had forgotten that the embroidery needle still stuck out from the brocade and accidentally pricked her right index finger, the pain caused her to exhale and her delicate eyebrows pressed together slightly.


“So careless!” With regards to Yun Qian Meng’s rarely seen rashness, even though Chu Fei Yang’s used a reproachful tone, he still grabbed her right hand and looked at the thin pinkish finger’s drop of scarlet blood. Without much thought, he placed her finger into his mouth.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Just friends?! Synopsis + Snippet

This is originally a Taiwanese novel so you read it up to down, right to left in traditional Chinese. I borrowed this book from a friend, it's in simplified Chinese cuz I can't read traditional Chinese hohoho, but the book retained its vertical sentence structure. It's about two childhood friends, both named Ting Yu. The female Ting Yu is tall and often mistaken for a handsome boy while the male is a flower boy. the story shows how they grow, how they both broke up with their partners and fell in love etc. This story is honestly not my cup of tea but I did find some of the character's interactions cute and funny.


"From friends to lovers, there is a benefit. Because the two people already have a certain degree of closeness so they can pass the awkwardness of people who have just started dating."

"What about lovers who became friends?"

"That will be even more precious. Because we have loved before, lost before, so we will understand each other even better and know how to treasure this friendship which is not easily obtained."

"Then what if we were friends and became lovers and then became friends again?"

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Chu Wang Fei Snippet Chapter 98

The scene everyone seems to be waiting for, the marriage proposal! I have no idea why everyone wants to read this scene but here it is!
[1] There were four words in the original Chinese text.
[2] The Bei Qi imperial family were here and were also looking for a marriage alliance. Bei Qi is weaker compared to this country.
*I forgot who was the Crown Prince and Tenth Prince so there may be a mix up...
Background info:
The females were in the outer court of the imperial gardern. The males the inner court. All sorts of people wanted to implicate Yun Qian Meng and make her marry one of the Bei Qi royalties. Or maybe make the Bei Qi princess marry Chen Wang or Chu Fei Yang? Yun Qian Meng took a pill and drew dots on her gace to feign illness so that she could wear a veil  Anyway, in the end Hai Tian was the sacrifice.
Fine gauze veils used in ancient times.

Snippet 4 Chapter 98:

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Recommended Manhua Wo Jia Da Shi Xiong Nao Zi You Keng

There is an English translation for this Manhua and it is amazing as it is only being translated by one person I think, at an extremely fast rate. This manhua is so funny, and I think Da Shi Xiong looks so cool ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ (Only his looks hahaha) Anyway, the author of this manhua is also writing a novel with a similar title on this manhua, I haven't read it. Scrya is translating the ebook.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

The parody of the cowherd and Weaver girl Chapter 1

Happy Valentine's! It's 9pm here and it's about to end haha.
This is a parody of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl by Gu Man, author of silent separation, one smile is very alluring and such. It is only 2 chapters long and it may be a bit confusing at times as the author would cut the story with her own opinions sometimes as this story is told from her own point of view. In this parody, the cowherd and weaver girl have divorced but continue to meet up annually due to reasons explained in the short story. My first attempt at completing a whole text... so you will see the ending, it's not a snippet~

I'm probably going to translate the messenger chap 1 part 2 and a snippet from wife is outrageous next month.
[1] Literally little white face, meaning effeminate man
[2] Literally idiotic men, complaining/ resentful women, meaning pining lovers who usually for whatever reason cannot get married.
Chapter 1

Monday, 8 February 2016

The messenger Chapter 1 part 1

As per request of Gina Tran :)
I am translating the first chapter as this book's chapters are quite short! Plus I'm on a 2 day holiday because it's Chinese New Year! Well actually I have quite a bit of homework to catch up on cuz I had food poisoning hahaha. Had to get a jab to stop the vomitting. Luckily I recovered in time to eat all the new year goodies muahahaha \(≧▽≦)/
P.s I'll translate 2 ex husband 1 stage at a later time cuz it's really long haha.

[1] I have no idea how to translate this :(
Gui (spirit/ghost) tou (head) dage (older brother)
Essentially he is her boss so she is calling him something like older brother boss??? I'm so sorry T-T
[2] In the underworld, dead souls have to drink this to forget everything about their past lives before reincarnation.
[3] King of hell.
[4] Ancient unlined long gown worn by men.
Chapter 1 Part 1

I'm a (spirit) messenger.
Strictly speaking, I cannot be considered an official messenger yet.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Chu Wang Fei Snippet Chapter 115: Wedding

Happy New Year!!! It's 2016! Not related to my translations but I spent the first day of 2016 eating Bingsu from the first time and rushing my homework because school starts on the 4th of Jan! Then I rushed home to do some housework before translating the last part of this chapter, it will make it before 12 midnight 2 Jan XD This chapter has some references to previous events which I might translate (?) I need to know if rosyfantasy has translated the parts which I have mention, there is an "*" on those events. I'm waiting for her to translate chapter 117 onwards cuz that's where I stopped, so currently not keeping track on Chu Wang Fei on her blog. Anyway please pardon any grammatical or spelling mistakes :P
Black Sesame and Injeolmi Bingsu from Nunsongyee~~
This chapter is on their wedding day! Anyone excited? Okay so to give background info: Chen Wang kidnapped Yun Qian Meng and wanted to marry her while giving her a new identity, who knew that she was swapped with Yun Ruo Xue and he actually went through the wedding ceremony with her 0__o The  he got news that Chu Fei Yang was suddenly marrying Yun Qian Meng tonight so he rushed to the prime minister's estate which was decorated in red blah blah blah but turns out that the actual ceremony was held in Chu wang's estate. Chu Wang is Chu Fei Yang's grandfather if you guys forgot. Anyway since Chen Wang went alone he could not beat Chu Fei Yang, Chu Wang and Xi Lin together so he gave up. This snippet picks up when they are in the newly wed's chamber. Btw, for those of you who will be disappointed, I did not translate the bed scene... yea...
Snippet Chapter 115