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Zhao Yao novel and drama comparison 2

Update: I realised that someone is translating the novel, rejoice! So I won't be translating the whole novel, I would be translating parts of the novel that I like and are related to what I'm posting, so not all the cute scenes are covered haha. In some snippets, I skipped paragraphs and it would be stated. I would also like to apologise if the quality of this post is not as good (full of grammatical/ spelling errors) as the first part because I am rushing this out literally right before I go overseas. I will come back and review this post and my translations later on.


Also, I have not listed ALL the differences eg in the previous post. Like when Moqing saved Zhaoyao from Jiang Wu, it actually started raining, so when we learn that he was injured and the rain made it worse, I felt sad. It was also right after saving her that Zhaoyao does the 'my heart hurts' dialogue which happens in a different scene from the novel. The way Zhaoyao seals up Luo Mingxuan is also different.

The villains:
1. Lin Ziyu
Oh gosh... I hate her more than Jiang Wu and Luo Mingxuan... The worst thing is that in the novel, she is a MALE, and also Zhao Yao's supporter. In the novel, Zhaoyao was the one who named him Ziyu. In the drama, I don't think her role is particularly big (she does not drive the plot... maybe she would but not yet) but she has so much screen-time!!! I think they just need someone to be in love with the male lead like every other drama, she basically fulfils the role of the typical annoying female admirer that viewers want the female lead to trash lol. In some cases such characters would drive the plot (get the male and female leads together) or make viewers hate her enough to watch the drama just to see her lose, but in The Legends, I think she's just unnecessary. I'm not sure if I should say that the actress did a great job, making me so annoyed at the character... 
Update: Alright she does drive the plot later on and makes me wanna see her defeated.

In the novel, due the the various plot differences (no jealousy + only 1 body) there was never the part where Moqing takes the punishment for Zhaoyao. But the part where he gives her a smile of assurance was so sweet! 

Now that he can openly talk to her at night, there's some cute moments that only happen in the drama:

(I took this gif off the internet cuz it's such a hassle to look for the scenes to create them > <)

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to call you."

"I'm here."

"Thank you for being here."

I think this is a reference to Moqing's previous line which was in both the drama and novel: As long as you want to see me, I'll be here by your side /As long as you want it, I'll always be here.

2. Jiang Wu

I know he's the hidden final BOSS but before the 25 episode mark, I just can't seem to hate him. Especially since the drama is constantly adding those comedic scenes that make him seem way less evil... Love letters anyone? The actor's portrayal of Jiang Wu is great, I think that he is able to balance out the scenes where he's supposed to be evil and playful.

I think the scene where Jiang Wu repeats after Zhaoyao is very apt as it shows how similar the two are and hence, why Zhaoyao looks at him favourably.

Update: What hidden final boss, he's just the 2nd male lead in the drama lol. It was quite heart-wrenching for me though, in the novel I could happily ship Moqing and Zhaoyao but in the drama although I still ship them, there's the additional sympathy/ guilt and sadness for Jiang Wu that comes with it... noooooo drama why u make him so likable TwT.

Other differences:
1. Zhaoyao saying she hates Moqing

This scene was so sad :( Moqing overhears Zhaoyao saying she hates him. Xu Kai's acting here is way better than the first few episodes, I am very happy to see that he is able to portray Moqing's emotions well with his eyes! That hurt look... Right now, although I still feel that Bai Lu acts better, he no longer pales in comparison, I am satisfied yep.

2. Love letters

Due to the preceding scene not happening in the novel, this also did not happen in the novel. But I loved this scene, it was hilarious. Look at his smirk, so satisfied with Zhiyan's painting. Also, who gives rocks as gifts?

After he meets Moqing and thinks that they were exchanging letters (to his horror), he gives Moqing a new nickname - pervert. 

In the next few episodes, instead of referring to Moqing as Li Chenlan, he now calls him pervert hahaha. The novel though, did have the bird cooking scene (Moqing giving orders to cook Jiang Wu's messenger crow).

3. Zhaoyao's confession

Since Zhaoyao didn't 'betray' Moqing in the novel, she also does not confess to placate him.

4. Skewer eating
They changed the dialogue very slightly in the drama. I actually wanted Zhaoyao to notice she's smiling. Of course, she can't discover that because she soon spots Zhiyan.

In the drama it went like this:

Zhaoyao: Master are you not eating? The flavour is not bad.

Moqing: I'm looking at you eat, the flavour is also not bad

Zhaoyao proceeds to choke and Moqing becomes embarrassed.
Enjoy the gifs lol.

Right after that she spots Zhiyan and chases after her.

Novel scene:
I picked up another skewer, took a bite and glanced at him. “Are you not eating? The flavour’s not bad.”

He continued to sit there motionlessly, staring at me, “I’m looking at you eat.” He then paused and gave a slight smile, “the flavour is also not bad.”

A piece of meat got stuck in my throat.

What... What did I just hear?

This little ugly monster that was cold on the outside but passionate on the inside seemed to have flirted with me? And I actually… even heard my own heart go ‘thump’, like when I saw him smile a few days ago...

It was sudden, catching me off guard, as if someone knocked a bell in my heart, and after the loud ringing, the echo was constantly humming and trembling.

I swallowed the meat in my mouth and averted my eyes. However, in the next moment, I wondered: Why should I hide? Right now, I am the one trying to seduce him. The him right now that looked so properly seduced should let me feel proud and in fact, I should be taking advantage of his weakness.

I… why should I be embarrassed?

I gave myself some encouragement and turned my head, intending to cutely act spoiled and return a few sweet words. Who knew that when I looked up, I would see Moqing, who twisted his head to the side, propping it up with a hand that was faintly covering his face, trying his best to look into the distance.

Perhaps, the reason why he didn’t dare to look at me after saying those words was because… he himself was embarrassed?

Could it be that this was the legendary accidental slip of the mouth?

I looked at Moqing who currently had his head turned away, eyes gazing into the distance pretending to be indifferent, acting profound but basically refusing to look at me. I did not know why, but a word abruptly surfaced in my heart… cute.

I actually felt that Moqing right now, was pretty cute.

I turned my head. Currently, there was a burly man with a broadsword at the table beside us. His broadsword was very well polished, just like a mirror that reflected my face. In this sudden glance, I unexpectedly saw that Zhiyan's face had the corners of her mouth hooked into the faintest trace of a smile.

I was actually… unaware that I was smiling?

This was too terrifying, could it be that other than me, there was some other soul that is currently in Zhiyan’s body? I searched around before finally concluding that the only one that could be smiling was me.

5. Cangling

Cangling doesn't play such a big role in the novel and I think they gave the actor more screen-time. Moqing and Cangling never had a gambling battle over Zhiyan haha.

6. Moqing seeing Zhaoyao
Moqing was never able to see Zhaoyao's soul in the entire novel so there was never a stalker scene. But this scene in the drama was quite touching (only because it's Moqing haha).

I do feel that is more believale how Moqing can always come to Zhaoyao's rescue in the drama- he can use both the Heart Prying Mirror (not sure what it's called in the drama since it doesn't look like a mirror at all) and some spell/ technique (the one he points his fingers to his forehead).

Moqing couldn't see Zhao Yao in the novel but he could feel her (kisses). I think he can only sense her kisses because that's the only time he reacts. At least he can't feel Zhaoyao's soul when she hugs him. Basically, instead of Moqing stalking Zhaoyao before they go battle Liu Suruo, Zhaoyao kissed Moqing and Moqing opens his eyes. This is when Zhaoyao suspects that he can sense her kissing him. 

7. Battle with Liu Suruo

The drama skipped Zhaoyao accidentally calling Li Chenlan 'Moqing' in midst of battle, replacing it with the scene after where Moqing turns crazy and strangles Zhiyan. I thought it was illogical. I mean, what are the chances of knowing that calling him Moqing when he was crazy would calm him down?

I also feel that the battles were more intense in the novel.

Novel snippet:
Since it was difficult for me to go there, I must as well call Moqing over. Although he was like a huge pile of shit to me, he was also my only hope of leaving Jinzhou city.

If he can leave today, then I can leave. If he dies here, then I’ll also die.

“Moqing!” I shouted.

It was as if this name had magic power, directly penetrating through all the noise and fighting, rushing into Moqing’s ears. From a distance, he suddenly turned his head, our two pairs of eyes meeting.

No! It’s wrong!

I called the wrong name!

I should have shouted Master! Or Li Chenlan! I was panicking too much!

But who cares about him now. In this kind of situation, I couldn’t be bothered about so many things, as long as he sees me, whatever I call him doesn’t matter. This time, if we can leave alive, I’ll just go back and speak some nonsense.

“Hmph,” Liu Suruo who was in front of me gave a cold snort, “nobody can save you!”

On top of that, they skipped a bunch of touching dialogue. They also changed the timeline of when Shen Lou Zhu (Tower Master Shen? Sorry, I'll get her name next time but basically Southern Mountain Lord's lover) got saved.

Novel snippet: (Basically after the above snippet, Zhaoyao gets stabbed by Liu Suruo when protecting her.)

“Ma… Master…”

I called for him and finally managed to call out till his gaze landed on my body. For just a moment, it looked as if the killing intent from his extreme anger carried a trace of anguish coming from the deepest recess of his heart.

When he looked at me, it was like that sword had pierced him… to the extent that it seemed more accurate to say that he was the one stabbed.

His heart was aching.

Aching for me.

It was precisely because his heart was aching, that he would hate the person who harmed me so immensely. It was also because of this hatred, that gave birth to his violent

I was surprised by his monstrous rage, and once again stunned by his violent strength.

However, all he did was look straight into my eyes and say:

“I will take you away.”

With a heavy heart, Moqing spoke these five words. They were obviously not the romantic lines or honeyed words that the rest of the world knew, neither did he have the gentleness and tenderness a lover should have. Yet, it was these five extremely ordinary words that abruptly struck the softest parts of my heart, soon after entangling it.

I could feel that he had a hidden, repressed, very concealed and deep love for me. I told myself, this is what Moqing feels for Zhiyan’s body, not me.

However, I could not help but be immersed in his limpid eyes because of these five words. Like a warm current, his emotions wrapped around every injured, cold, and dying corner of my heart. In that hazy moment, it was as if all my penetrating sharpness had been softened.

For a passing moment, I unexpectedly felt somewhat like a beggar, picking up the warmth from the feelings someone else had for another, because… I was unable to believe that in this world, there will be someone willing to treat me so well.

I dazedly look at him, unable to move my eyes away.
Moqing held my hand, not saying anything. He didn’t look at anything else, completely disregarding the fact that he just overthrew the legend in every immortal cultivator’s heart, not caring that he destroyed the whole entire place.

He only looked at me steadily, softly saying, “I will take you away.”

Again, these five words.

It was as if a wish that he had long cherished and kept hidden deep within his heart was finally, at this moment, fulfilled.

I did not know why, but in my hazy state, I was actually so touched that… I could not speak.

This is the first time I realised that I, Lu Zhaoyao, could willingly let someone else take the limelight.


I will let you bring me away, let you protect me, let you love me.

Because I also want to leave with you, be protected by you, and let you…...

I lowered my gaze; allowing the flitting movement technique to break my devilish train of thought….

At this point in the novel, Zhaoyao is still feeling all alone. It is because you can see that she is always in denial that someone will truly love her and her belief that she will be alone that makes the theme song Zhao Yao so accurate. You can find the translation, interpretation and my MV of the song here.

8. Zhaoyao going to the ghost market
I will find the time to translate the dialogue in the drama if I can.

Novel snippet:
“I’m going to the ghost market.”

Leaving this sentence behind, I used Zhiyan’s body to head towards the ghost market.

At that same moment, I faintly sensed someone outside opening the doors - it seemed to be Moqing, clothed entirely in black. But in the next instant, I was already in the desolate land of the ghost market.

I did not hesitate, removing the shell that was Zhiyan’s body, and headed towards the little tavern at the back of the ghost market. But just after floating two steps away, I saw someone appear beside her body which was lying limply on the ground.

As expected, the person from before was Moqing.

He stooped down, studying Zhiyan’s body. He opened his mouth to say something, yet seemed not to know what name he should call out.

Carefully thinking back, whenever I used Zhiyan’s body, it seemed like he never called her name. At the beginning, his attitude towards Zhiyan was very nasty, then when did it change? It seemed to be from the time Zhiyan went to the dungeon to save Liu Cangling and I hastily took over her body in the evening to block the Northern Mountain Lord’s rod.

Perhaps… it was from that moment, that he recognised that I was Lu Zhaoyao.

He hid it deeply, while I did not carefully investigate further.

The situation right now was that my anger, after reaching its peak, had instead, transformed into extreme calmness. I could now see everything clearly. But to me at this moment, all these were not important, Moqing was also not important and whether he liked me or not even less important.

I only wanted revenge.

I wanted to personally send the person who should die but still hasn’t died back to his original state where he would never wake up again.

I turned to leave.

I heard the sound of Moqing standing up behind me. The lower hem of his robes swept across the withered grass and twigs, the rustling sounds made me feel like that mess of grass had swept right across the very center of my heart, it was kind of itchy and slightly prickly.

“Where are you?”

I could hear Moqing’s voice, he seemed to have lost some of his usual composure.

“I know you can hear me, come back. If there are any problems, you can discuss them with me. If you have any plans, you can leave them to me.”

I ignored him. Other matters can still be discussed. Except this.

If Luo Mingxuan did not wake up, then there were tens of thousands of things that could be discussed. I could borrow Zhiyan’s body and be spoiled in front of Moqing, acting out a play with some gentle and soft words, letting him help me, letting him aid me. That was because at that time, the enemy was someone else.

But now that Luo Mingxuan had awoken, there was nothing to discuss.

So many years ago, I personally sealed him. Even with my life on the line, I had refused to borrow the strength of the Wan Lu sect because the battle with Luo Mingxuan, was my own.

I will not allow anyone to help me nor hinder me.

Even if I have died and needed to crawl out of hell to use a decaying body or a set of dry bones, I would still want to make sure that the blood in Luo Mingxuan’s heart, would forever be dried up.

If it was said that those who became ghosts had obsessions, then this would be my only and strongest obsession.

“You are not allowed to be alone!”

Hearing Moqing shout from behind, my heart tightened.

I seemed to have felt the pain and fear coming from his deeply hidden hurt. I also seemed to have felt warmth and itchiness coming from the cracks of my frozen soul...

“Lu Zhaoyao!”

I faintly paused in my tracks, but that pause was only for a sliver of an instant, then I no longer continued to stay, directly floating towards the forest.

No matter how warm, no matter how itchy, I could not discuss it with Moqing. I needed to take my own revenge, and he… was still injured.

9. Battle with Luo Mingxuan
In the drama, Moqing did say his iconic line: Lu Zhaoyao has me (to protect her) but the I felt that the line was not as impactful. Yes, it is cool but in the novel, I felt that his reply meant so much more to Zhaoyao. The reason being: Luo Mingxuan's preceding lines.
Note: The literal translation is Lu Zhaoyao, has me to protect. In the novel, this line was meant to be very short, striking right at the heart. I felt that translating it to the proper English line of 'Lu Zhaoyao, has me to protect her' loses that straightforwardness so I used 'Lu Zhaoyao has me.' The drama has the same line but seem to convey a different feel so I went for the proper translation.

In the drama it went like this:
Luo Mingxuan: Those from the demonic sect will always be evil.

Zhaoyao closes her eyes to await death.

Moqing: Lu Zhaoyao has me to protect her.

Man, the way Moqing appear to stop the sword was so cool!!

Novel snippet:
Note: I am very sorry but the dotted lines (not the dashes) are the few lines I was struggling with and skipped, will come back to put them in after my trip.

Many years ago, he wanted to use this sword to kill me but was blocked by my grandfather. But today....

“But today, who else is there to protect you?” He asked.

Nobody. From the moment my grandfather died, I was always alone. I looked at my lonely shadow on the ground and Luo Mingxuan raised his sword...

“There’s me.”

His black robes shielded me from all the eye-piercing light. Two words were spoken and a gentle breeze blew as if the weather had become clearer.

“Lu Zhaoyao, has me.”

His voice seemed to have come from the sky, yet also seemed to have gushed out from my heart, saving me from danger and hardship, protecting me from peril. I raised my head to look at his back, it was the same no matter when I saw him, ever so straight, ever so handsome.

At this moment, I was unable to continue disbelieving in fate.

As it turns out, there really was someone in this world who could rescue me, from my body, all the way to my very heart.

In the next moment, everything in front of me was completely annihilated.

In the midst of that violent upheaval, where Luo Mingxuan went to, where the disciples of the four immortal sects went to, instantly seemed to no longer be as important. The place where the only the both of us were, was strangely calm and secure.

I placed my hand on my heart, feeling the violent thumping which had already surpassed all the tearing pain in my chest.
 “Lu Zhaoyao.”

I smiled. “Yes, it’s me.”

At this very moment, it seemed like the whole entire universe, from the boundless heavens to the vast earth, had fallen silent.

10. Zhaoyao's pill effects running out scene
This was so much sadder in the novel and they don't kiss. But they replaced it with some equally sweet words before they chase after Luo Mingxuan and his lackeys.

In the drama:
Moqing (to Zhaoyao): If you battle, then I'll be your sword. If you retreat, then I'll be your shield.

Novel scene:

I stood up from Luo Mingxuan’s body, swaying and stumbling towards Moqing.

Clothed magnificently in red and black with a background of the sky raining down fire, I guess the current me was very much like the malevolent ghost in the legends. Otherwise, how could Moqing who was so strong that he could barehandedly blow up the phoenix, be so afraid to such a degree?

My whole body was covered in blood, my face completely pale.

“Moqing.” I called his name, extending my hands to caress his face. I complained, “That Wan Jun sword of yours is so damn disobedient.” I pinched his lower jaw, passing through the sword in my chest to lean against him. “Not like you…”

After I pinched his lower jaw, I pulled it down and immediately went forward to kiss him.

I bit his trembling and icy cold lips.

Not like you...

You’re so nice to me, so nice, so nice that when I leave, my heart is in so much pain.

“My time is up,” I released him and took a step back, “don’t cry.”

Don’t cry, I’ve already died, don’t be so sad...

In my moment of neglect, I no longer had the strength to control my body and my soul left, drifting upwards. I saw Moqing pass through my soul to catch that empty falling body.

“Lu Zhaoyao!”

He was calling my name with such a tone again. With fear, panic, helplessness and a loss to what to do, just like a child. But when his shouted, it seemed like that body had shattered: just like the flames that were falling from the sky, turning into specks of blood and light. With a ‘bang!’ it disappeared, floating into the horizon, with nobody knowing where it would be scattered to.

 “Lu Zhaoyao! Come back!”

I turned my head to look at him, wanting to touch his body but immediately after, everything in my head suddenly became black, my consciousness disappeared and everything seemed to become non-existent...

I think that in the novel, the pill's effects run out almost as soon as the battle ended while the effects lasted a little longer in the drama. Also, I find that although Xu Kai and Bai Lu's acting were very moving, that explosion of fireworks made me unable to take that scene seriously, especially since the fireworks look so... 

Last but not least, Sima Rong is actually Li Chenlan's junior brother. Yes, you read that right, junior. I can’t remember if he’s the senior or junior brother in the drama but the actor gives a very senior brother feel when giving all those advice. I suppose that he is older than Li Chenlan in the novel (idk man, Li Chenlan has been sealed up for generations, he’s ancient but it seems that he only starts growing up after getting out – Zhaoyao found him as a kid) but he entered the sect later, becoming the junior brother.

That's sums up part 2! I think that the drama replaces parts that are less touching (sometimes not because they cut dialogue out but really because it's a drama and they simply can't completely deliver like a novel) with many other equally sweet scenes. The drama also gives us more insight into what happens to other characters as the novel is written in Zhaoyao's perspective, meaning that a lot of scheming and backstories are not just mentioned briefly. Maybe because I just want more Zhaoyao and Moqing so I don't really mind that the novel focuses on Zhaoyao's POV and cut those parts out.


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