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Master is old chapter 8 + epilogue (END)

This is the end! I'm not sure if I'll pick up the other stories so feel free to requests other translators to translate the other stories in this compilation. Thank you for all your support!

Chapter 8
He smiled, “An immortal’s blood is very nourishing.”  

How would I allow it? If he actually ate my flesh, it would be a great disaster.

Even if I was an aged war god, I was still a war god.

Although I had an inkling in my heart just now and wanted to ask that person some questions, it looked like I no longer had the chance to. Or it could be said that now, there was no need.

I was already a dying person, so what if I asked? So what if he answered? To know that he was alive, that he was able to continue to live well, was half my wish fulfilled. Even if he was using the Demon King’s body, I was happy.

Before the Demon King bit into my neck, I smiled at him, causing the beast-like guy to be in a bit of a daze.

He used Qinghan’s eyes to stare at me sinisterly. I have been thinking about this pair of eyes for so many years, that even if the expression in those eyes were wrong, I was still delighted. Therefore, I smiled even brighter, saying, “I’m old, so watch me bring you away, alright?”

The Demon King froze yet again, but soon afterwards he bared his fangs. The moment his teeth made contact with my neck, I stabbed a sword into his back, piercing his heart.

The sword I was using was none other than the divine sword that accompanied me for countless years and was later stolen by Qinghan. After many twists and turns, this divine sword still returned to me, and was helping me to fight this last battle.

The sword was hung on this body’s waist for so many years even in the demonic abyss - Qinghan must have really fastened it to himself tightly that year.

The divine sword pierced his body, absorbing his demonic energy. As the Demon King had just returned, his strength had not recovered, so when the divine sword stabbed into his heart, it drained him off whatever energy he had. But even then, I could not kill him off as I did not have much divine energy to begin with either.

I used my shoulders to push against his chest, trying to push him down the demonic abyss. The Demon King firmly gripped my arm, refusing to let go. “Merely an old woman, to dare attempt to kill me in vain…”  

Was he was thinking that by pulling me, I would no longer dare to push him down....

I curled my lips and with a step, rushed off the edge. In that moment of weightlessness, I saw the Demon King use Qinghan’s face to express shock and unwillingness.

After that, darkness engulfed us from all directions and I smiled, “See, I told you I would bring you away and I did, I kept my promise.”

The darkness took away my vision, robbing me off my senses. Qinghan’s face disappeared right before my eyes. I felt like I had fallen into bottomless darkness, not knowing whether I was dead or alive. It was in this kind of place, that I actually seemed to have heard someone shouting in pain. He was shouting, “Master… master…”

His voice was full of despair, and such deep love. 

I suddenly remembered what that man had once asked me, “If I fished for you, would you take the bait?”

You should have said so earlier, if I knew you were Qinghan, I would be like the fish in the lake; don’t even talk about not using bait, even without the hook, I would still want to jump into your arms.


We always missed the opportunities.

In the darkness, there was no sense of time or direction, there was nothing. I thought I had died. However, I was slowly able to sense some hints of moments, something that could not be perceived with the five senses.

A very subtle aura was moving around, it was like a wind so gentle that it could not even move a strand of hair. There would also be a voice that occasionally entered my ears: “Master, this is not a land of death.”

He said, “This place has life.”

I was able to perceive more and more things around me, there was air flowing here, spiritual energy and… Qinghan. I could feel his existence although I could not see or touch him - I couldn’t even hear his voice clearly.

But I could feel the heartfelt wish he had.

This was a very subtle feeling. I could feel that he was always saying, “Learn with me, I can bring you out.”

He was teaching me something, he wanted to bring me out.

And then he really brought me out.

When I finally saw the light of day again, I did not know how much time had already passed. The edge of the demonic abyss remained the same, not a single person was there. When I did not see Qinghan, I looked around the cliff, but still could not find him.

If he was not waiting for me here, then...

I turned my head and discovered that someone else had also crawled out from the demonic abyss.

It was an unfamiliar face, with an expression I was familiar with.
His body was called Liu Yue, but I knew, this person’s name was Qinghan.

He jumped with me into the demonic abyss and accompanied me for who knows how many years.

I turned around to face him and straightened my body before gently smiling, “Your highness demon king, do you accept disciples?”
Me and Qinghan crawling out of the demonic abyss stunned the entire 3 worlds.

Other than the fact that being able to come up alive was an amazing feat, it was even more so because I was able to cultivate my body under the deathly currents, changing it. My body was no longer aged, I was no longer a dying person with my powers regressing. I even recovered the energy in my youth, it was just that...

I was no longer a god. I became part of the demon race, a genuine demon.

Nobody knew how this happened, including me. Whenever the people from the heavenly realm came to denounce me for betraying the righteous Dao, I would always lean on Qinghan’s chest and spread my arms out, “Then you guys can just get rid of the defender of the demonic Dao.” 
Qinghan raised his brow.

Afterwards nobody from the immortal realm came to bug us anymore.

Especially since it’s the truth that if you cannot defeat someone, you should keep a low profile and not look for trouble...


  1. It's sweeeet. Thanks for translating this chaps. I also love Jiu Lu Fei Xiang's novel, especially its angst and humor. I do hope you pick up the other story :)).