Thursday, 24 December 2015

Jiang Hu Lu Wan Wan chapter 1

**I made some minor adjustments in hopes that it will be easier to read.
This novel is kind of like a Wuxia novel so there would be a lot of new terms. I learnt them from watching Jin Yong's dramas hahaha. Anyway, enjoy :)
*A sect is like a fraction. There are good and bad sects. Usually women from evil sects are called demonesses.
Sheng Gu =Literal meaning: Holy/ sacred/ great woman
Jianghu = martial arts world, the equivalent of Korea's Murim 

This chapter has been proofread by Yuan-niisan

Chapter 1: Not of age yet I already look like this
Pang Wan stared at the mercury mirror, lost in thought.

The reflection belonged to a radiant and beautiful young girl with a clean and bright oval face, thin eyebrows, cunning pitch-black eyes and red cheeks as if she had put blusher on. She had a small mouth with dimples on both her cheeks.

"... Not of age yet I already look like this, in the future, just how many heroes would fight for me?"      

Fat is beautiful novel introduction and mini translation

As a Christmas present for you guys~~~ 

[Note: I changed my phone and somehow all the translations which I saved as notes in my phone are lost including Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang's epilogue and Chu Wang Fei chap 104's snippet which is why this holiday even though I promised more translations they never appeared.]

This novel is by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang.