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Jiang Hu Lu Wan Wan chapter 1

**I made some minor adjustments in hopes that it will be easier to read.
This novel is kind of like a Wuxia novel so there would be a lot of new terms. I learnt them from watching Jin Yong's dramas hahaha. Anyway, enjoy :)
*A sect is like a fraction. There are good and bad sects. Usually women from evil sects are called demonesses.
Sheng Gu =Literal meaning: Holy/ sacred/ great woman
Jianghu = martial arts world, the equivalent of Korea's Murim 

This chapter has been proofread by Yuan-niisan

Chapter 1: Not of age yet I already look like this
Pang Wan stared at the mercury mirror, lost in thought.

The reflection belonged to a radiant and beautiful young girl with a clean and bright oval face, thin eyebrows, cunning pitch-black eyes and red cheeks as if she had put blusher on. She had a small mouth with dimples on both her cheeks.

"... Not of age yet I already look like this, in the future, just how many heroes would fight for me?"      

Thinking about the near future, the young girl felt a bit anxious, yet she could nothing but let out an anxious sigh.

"Wan Wan oh Wan Wan, why do you have to be born so devastatingly beautiful?" The young girl blamed the reflection in the mirror and bit her own lips.

"A beauty is the source of trouble; trouble's source is a beauty!"

The young girl held her chest, her mouth bent upwards with tears coming out of her eyes, her facial expression was extremely strange - it was sadness yet also unbearable happiness. These two extreme feelings repeated, her changing expressions merged, making one unable to guess her true emotions.

The disciples from the evil sect who saw what happened in Sacred Heart Pavilion all involuntarily shivered.

"Shit! Who put that cursed mirror in Sheng Gu's room? Her illness recurred again!" Disciple A cursed under his breath.

"What? Sheng Gu is still staring at the mirror? She has already stared at it for a whole two hours! Don't tell me that she doesn't need to eat or train her martial arts?" Disciple C opened his big mouth.

It had not been a month since he entered the sect and he was only in charge of sweeping the floors, he still did not understand many things.

"I will tell you guys, our Sheng Gu is very good, but she is a bit peculiar..." Disciple B gathered everyone and winked at them.

"Sheng Gu's disease had recurred."

"Pa!" The mirror was taken away by someone at lightning speed. Not being able to see the beautiful woman anymore, Pang Wan raised her head angrily and met a pair of calm eyes.
"Rong, Rong Gu Gu. [2]"

Her imposing manner immediately disappeared.

"I have already told Sheng Gu many times, your features are just like a big white radish, it is all over the Jiang Hu, even after being beaten or chopped by others, nothing will happen so why be mesmerised by yourself in vain?"

The woman addressed as Rong Gu Gu was about 25 to 26, she was tall and slender, her appearance delicate and pretty. It was just that the face looking at Pang Wan was extremely chilly, it was as if the air surrounding her could freeze a brazier.

"I, I originally look like this, why won't you let me look at myself clearly? Purposely bringing all the rough bronze mirrors here..." (Apparently mercury mirrors are clearer than bronze mirrors)

Pang Wan bent her head down and attempted to change the topic to the issue of the servants secretly substituting the mirrors.

"Sheng Gu!" Rong Gu Gu leaned forward and used her index finger to lift Pang Wan's head, " lift up your head and look at me!" Pang Wan dazedly lifted her head.

"You are really ordinary..."

Rong Gu Gu looked very deeply into Pang Wan's eyes, her expression could not be more stern and her words could not be more sincere.

To tell a beauty that was unmatched in her generation that she was just ordinary is far worse than telling an ordinary woman that she was ugly. Especially when the latter would have at least some self-awareness while the former was proud and could not bear to lose. Pang Wan blinked her eyes rapidly, her tears almost falling.

"Although Sheng Gu is young and your skill in enchanting men is not bad, it is a pity that it's still not time to put it to use yet."

Rong Gu Gu's expression remained unchanging while she pinched at Pang Wan's chin, causing her to frown in pain.

"The dignified Bai Yue Sect's Sheng Gu, how can you show your weakness to others so easily? What if in the future someone dares to..."

Murderous intent flashed in Rong Gu Gu's eyes.

"Poison! Chop! Rape! Make you die sonless! [4]"

Originally Pang Wan had wanted to cry out in pain but after hearing Rong Gu Gu's words, she decided to swallow back her own.

"Yes, yes, Rong Gu Gu's teachings are correct, Wan Wan knows her mistakes." Pang wan weakly raised her hands to ask her mercy.

"Sheng Gu!" It seemed like Rong Gu Gu did not want to let her off so easily this time round and in a split second, used both her hands to cup Pang Wan's face, her eyes carrying a hint of dejectedness. "Sheng Gu! You are our evil sect's once in a hundred years' talent, a prodigy! You will bring us to greater heights! The sect leader worked his heart out, you cannot let everyone in Bai Yue Sect down!"

After hearing this, Pang Wan talked back in her heart." I'm only a little bit more narcissistic, a little bit more adorable, why must Rong Gu Gu make a mountain out of a mole hill to scold me? In fact, the so-called nurturing I got from the sect leader was just regularly receiving a few rare books, a few pills, getting a few seniors to watch me, since when did he work his heart out?"

After thinking for a while, Pang Wan eventually decided to swallow her discontentment and obediently nodded her head, playing meek and submissive, "Wan Wan will keep that in mind."

--It is not time to show off my great plans yet, my aspirations cannot be fulfilled. Pang Wan, even if you hide your claws and true capabilities to bid time, it would not be too late to show off your true powers when the time is right.

"All you sect members who do not know, our Sheng Gu is extremely good in everything, it's just that she is a bit peculiar."

At the corridor of Sacred Heart Pavilion, Disciple B used his hand to knock on his own head and gave a mysterious laugh.

"She believes that every man in the Jiang Hu is in love with her and that the world revolves around her alone."

[2] Gu Gu can mean aunt. In this case however, as a Wuxia story, Gu Gu is used to address an older female disciple of high standing in the sect.
[4] Something offensive, like cursing someone never to have descendants.

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