Thursday, 23 July 2015

Manhua + Novel review: 孤芳不自赏 A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated (Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang) by 风弄 (Feng Nong) 4/5 Stars

This is one of the novels that will  have a special place in my heart. This novel is the first novel I read at the book bar - Shushengbar (SSB). I had read the Manhua first and upon discovering that there was a novel I decided to search it up, leading to my discovery of this awesome website. A must go for those who love Chinese novels or want to read translated versions of them.

Synopsis (from SSB)
Bai Ping Ting had never believed in the saying that “ladies without a talent is a virtue.” She is Xiao Jing An Wang’s maid, yet lives with more dignity than the usual ladies, what she relies on is not beauty, but instead is her head that is more wise and intelegent than that of a man’s. She does not need others to sympathize on her average appearance. What she wants is another soul of the same level as her, whom she can compete with. So, even if that man is the general of the the opponent country, even if all between them is deceits and schemes, she is still unable to not be tempted by this man. If between love and loyalty, there is only one choice, she can only hope, Chu Bei Jie’s love, is not as deep as she expects…

I rate it a 3.5/5 as I like the female lead, she is quite smart. Most novels portray female leads as super beautiful but dumb and always in need of saving which is not exactly my kind of female lead. It also shows how a lowly person like a maid in ancient times can become something :) But I felt like it kind of went downhill in the 2nd book so the rating is not so high.

Characters: (Brief introduction)

Bai Ping Ting- Female lead of the story, she is plain looking but very smart. she is Jing An Wang's maid at the start of the story. However, she wears better clothes than some rich ladies and does not do much house work. Due to a fire in the house, she gets cut off from Jing An Wang and sold off to another family. She serves the mistress of this family, the mistress is about to get married but has a lover. She gets Bai Ping Ting who is about the same build as her to sub in for her while she sneaks out of the house. During this time Chu Bei Jie gets attracted to the sound of the Gu Qin [1] she was playing.

Chu Bei Jie- Male lead of the story, he Dong Lin's King's younger brother. He made a name for himself on the battlefield, being smart and strong with extremely fast troops. He mistakes Ping Ting as her mistress ( As she was in the room playing the Gu Qin and did not see her face). Eventually he finds out who she is and forces her to stay by his side. Originally she does not like him as she was being forced to be with him but eventually she falls for him.

He Xia (Jing An Wang)- Kind of villain-ish character. I won't really consider him the bad guy. He has always liked Ping Ting but never forced her to marry him even though his father already gave his consent. He is also famous on the battlefield as he is also smart and strong. He marries the princess of Yun Chang in hopes to gain military support against Chu Bei Jie and He Su. His whole family gets wiped off by his cousin He Su (the king) as He Su felt threatened by his popularity. Chu Bei Jie is also one of the causes and so He Xia feels a deep sense of hatred against Chu Bei Jie.

There is also a manhua for it but it stopped at 2 volumes as the publisher went bankrupt. The art is really beautiful <3

The manhua (with English translations) can be easily found on manga websites and the Chinese novel or English translation can be found at SSB.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

跨过千年来爱你 Across A Millennium to Love You- Snippet 1 (Chap 4)

So, as you can see from the picture this part is going to be from their wedding! Not a great chapter but still more interesting than chapter 1.