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跨过千年来爱你 Across A Millennium to Love You By 秋夜雨寒 Chap 1

This book is pretty okay, I read it a while ago but I still remember the storyline pretty well. The first chapter is not that interesting and does not really hook people on but I'll translate it. Although this book is not as good as other time travelling books such as Crazy Adventures of Wu Gates and Chu Wang Fei, it is unique as the female lead time travels to the future and gets into a relationship (without truly loving the guy) before time travelling back again.

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Chap 1

As usual, after work, Bai Min slowly walked back home.

As a normal 27 year old, she has been in many relationships. Her older brother's son can already call her "Aunty" and her older sister's mixed blood daughter is as beautiful as a doll, however Bai Min has yet to marry.

Luckily, her parents are overseas looking after her sister, otherwise they would be nagging at her to get married quickly.

Bai Min walked into a small eatery and ordered her favourite dishes, quietly eating it with her rice. She got up and ordered the leftover to be packed. Opening up her umbrella, she strolled through the Autumn drizzle. About 50 metres ahead, there was a beggar - it has been half a year since he had been there and it seemed like he had no intention of moving away.

Smiling at the beggar, she placed the food down. "For you." The beggar beamed at her before presenting her with a bracelet, its small irregular stones held together by an old red string.

Bai Min was stunned for a moment and stared at the beggar. Then she smiled and accepted the bracelet. "Thank you, it is very beautiful."

"It's very cheap," the beggar's face showed his happiness, " I bought it, I didn't pick it up, there was a small roadside stall that sold this here yesterday. It is for you."

Smiling again, Bai Min wore it on her wrist. It may not be worth much, people often set up makeshift stores selling extremely cheap items at this part of the road, but to the beggar who was poor it was probably worth all his money. His sincere heart moved her and she treasured it.

The Autumn rain continued to fall lightly, carrying a sense of loneliness.

Opening her eyes, a faint medicinal aroma sifted through the room and the autumn drizzle could still be heard. The wind seemed unreal, maybe because she slept for a long time but Bai Min felt that her whole body ached, her vision was blurry and her head was spinning. Was it that she caught a cold after being exposed to the autumn wind for a whole afternoon?

"Young miss, you woke up already?" a gentle voice happily called out.

Young Miss?!

Looking in the direction the voice came from, Bai Min's mind went blank.

At her bedside stood a 14-15 year old girl wearing a pale green dress, her hair was tied into two small buns... Exactly like the costume worn in historical dramas! Bai Min stared at the girl for a long while, at a loss for word. After a long while, she asked," Who are you?"

The young maiden looked shocked," Young Miss, don't scare this servant , I am Chun Liu, your close servant Chun Liu!" This servant? Chun Liu? Close servant?

Bai Min was extremely confused, just what on earth is going on?

Looking at Chun Liu, Bai Min forced a smile and said," Chun Liu right? I'm sorry but it still feels like I'm dreaming. If you really do know me, then it means that I can't remember a thing. Can you tell me who I am?"

Chun Liu nodded her head vigorously and forced a smile, " Young miss fell seriously ill and was unconscious for 3 whole days. It is really good that you have woken up. The royal doctor said that you would recover soon, let me pour you a cup of water."

Just then, a girl of similar age and attire as Chun Liu dashed in. However, she was prettier and had a nicer and clearer voice. "Chun Liu, has Young miss awaken?"

"Just woke up, Chun Tao, lower your volume and do not disturb Young miss."

"I'll inform Master and Madam." Chun Tao quickly left," Only you would treat her as a Young Mistress, serving her is really a great waste of my abilities!"

Bai Min glared at her, this Chun Tao is really too much!

She glanced at Chun Liu who was standing at a corner, holding a cup of water, her uneasiness was written all over her face. "Young miss, please don't mind, she didn't mean it. You were originally the Young Mistress of the Murong estate "

"Never mind," Bai Min shook her head, " Tell me, where is this? Who am I? Why did I fall ill? Pour me a cup of water first, I am thirsty."

Chun Liu immediately helped her lean on the bed to drink the water. While drinking from the cup in Chun Liu's hands, Bai Min discovered that she was not wearing her usual pajamas but silk clothes with exquisite orchid embroidery. Bai Min was stunned for a moment. "Chun Liu, pass me the mirror."

While passing the mirror, Chun Liu answered her questions, " This is the Murong estate, Young miss is the third young mistress of the family, before you there are 2 young masters and 2 young mistress. Since you were born during Autumn, Master named you Feng 枫 [Maple]. Master is the Prime Minister. The oldest young mistress has been married off to the crown prince and the 2nd young mistress to General Wu Meng and you are..."

Bai Min stared at the reflection in the mirror, probably an ancient girl a thousand years ago, Murong Feng. Although it did not look entirely like her original face, but under careful scrutiny, she found subtle hints of her original appearance - it was just that this face was more beautiful. "Am I engaged to someone?" Seeing that Chun Liu stopped talking, Bai Min asked.

Chun Liu nodded her head sadly," Young miss is 16, and at an age where she should marry. Empress Dowager her personally ordered master to choose one of the two mistresses to marry the 4th prince. Master and Madam said that 4th Mistress is too young so they chose you."

"Is the forth prince bad? Is it related to my illness?"

Chun Liu sighed," Young miss refused to marry, master punished you and made you kneel. Who knew that it would rain and after getting soaked you became unconscious for 3 whole days. Thank goodness the royal doctor managed to save you."

"Why is the 4th Prince so unbearable?"

After a long pause, Chun Liu answered," I also do not know. I just heard that 4th prince is very handsome and talented but he is also lustful and ruthless. I also heard that his relationship with the Crown Prince is bad."


  1. this is an interesting start to a novel....
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  2. Hi are you going to continue to translate? It's been 2 years

    1. Hi, this is meant to be a teaser haha. Someone else is translating this.

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